PhD students’ presentations (October 2022)

All the presentations will take place in the Goodwin Room at 1 p.m.


Tuesday 4
•David An “Climate change and the Chinese Economy”
•Vinícius Da Silva Centeno “Financialization in the Growth Models perspective”

Wednesday 5
•Noreen Kousar “The Impact of Decarbonization policies on the Circular economy”
•Haomiao Niu “The impact of green finance on economic growth: From perspective of non-linear relationship”

Tuesday 11
•Valentina Ciriotto “Gender differences in Networking”
•Claudio Ferri “The Ideal Money: from the ideal money to metallic standards”

Wednesday 12
•Giulia Ulivieri “Labour Markets, Import Competition, and Fertility: A Causal Application on GSOEP”
•Alessandro Toso “A sociotherapeutic approach to improve socioeconomic status in favelas”

Tuesday 18
•Lorenzo Pinna “Inequality in the Socio-Economic Nexus: Social Connectedness as the Vehicle for Embracing
-Large Scale- Progress. “
•Yusuf Sen “Evaluating Economic Growth and Employment under Innovation Policies:Evidence from a DSGE

Wednesday 19
•Nitsuh Nega “The Effects of Shocks on Agricultural Technologies Adoption and Coping Strategies, Evidence
from Ethiopian Rural Households”
•Francesco Suppressa “Green Jobs: the Italian case”

Tuesday 25
•Andrea Piazzoli “Emergent Strategizing: Evolutionary Dynamics of Behavior as Complexity Raises”
•Diego Fabbiani “Gamification and Nudging for Environmental Sustainability”
•Dario Chiaiese “GDP, development and inequality in the Italian provinces during the XIX century”

Wednesday 26
•Paola Casati “Effects of electricity access on social outcomes in Sub-Saharan Africa”
•Tamer Rawashdeh “The Effect of Oil and Natural Gas Fluctuations Prices on The Economic Growth of The
MENA Countries for The Period 1990 to 2021”