First call for applications

The PhD programme in Economics of the Tuscan Universities is pleased to announce the call for applications for the 39th cycle. They will be open until June 15, 2023, at 2 pm, Central European Time. We are currently awarding 7 positions with full-scholarship, among which:

  • 4 are ‘free topic’: PhD candidates awarded shall carry out their research activities on a topic agreed upon with their thesis supervisor
  • 3 are linked to ‘specific research themes’ on Public Administration:
    ♦ Development of long-term energy forecasting models associated with the energy transition scenarios to 2030
    ♦ Economic systems, ecosystem services and biodiversity in the ecological transition

    ♦ Labour market dynamics Labour market dynamics

Two additional positions are available for applicants with external funding/sponsorship, among which:chiostro rettorato

  • 1 is reserved for scholarship holders of a foreign country
  • 1 is reserved for scholarship holders of specific international mobility programmes

Candidates are required to apply to each type of position in separate procedures. Those applying to ’free topic’ positions can submit a unique form. For those interested in the three ‘specific research themes’, a single application is necessary for each of them. In general, we suggest that potential candidates apply to the ‘’free topic’’ first and adapt, whenever possible, her/his research proposal to the remaining calls.

For more information, see Admission Procedures below.


IMPORTANT NOTICE: The forms “Accettazione frequenza corsi Soft Skills” and “Dichiarazione accettazione soggiorno estero” can be also provided after the acceptance to the PhD Program.