Third year PhD students’ presentations (June 2021)

22nd June
Giuseppe Simone: Urban Polarization and Sectoral Patterns: evidence from Italy’s Metropolitan Areas
Fernando Tavares: Individual-based fuzzy multidimensional poverty indexes: a comprehensive analysis of gender inequalities in Brazil

23rd June
Netsanet Mengistie: Health shocks and coping strategies: evidence from Ethiopian households
Guilherme Morlin: International inflation and trade linkages in Brazil under inflation targeting

29th June
Marco Stamegna: Wage inequality and induced innovation in a classical-Marxian growth model
Tommaso Brollo: Money and Credit in Early Modern Europe. The banco Capponi, 1553-1587

30th June
Cristina Re: Is the panel fair? A network analysis of the composition of the economic panels in the Italian research assessment exercises
Filippo Petrini: An agent-based model of fads


(all presentations will take place in the Goodwin virtual room at 1 p.m.)


2021 3st year presentations

First year PhD students’ presentation (May 2021)

4th May
Michele Ceraolo: Two lines of research: evaluation of working time reduction policy and comparative analysis of tax systems
David Iria: Economic Planning in the 21st century: some points of departure

5th May
Edoardo Peruzzi: A methodological appraisal of economic models: idealization, progress and empirical methods
Francesco de Cunzo: The trickle down from environmental innovation to productive complexity

11th May
Mohib Ali: Autonomous consumption and the U.S economy: evidence from the SCF
Annaelena Valentini: Is equal opportunity good enough?

12th May
Costanza Usai: Emotions and Prosocial Behaviors
Paulo Medeiros: Portfolio choice and risk premium dynamics: a continuous-time approach
Joaquin Paseyro: Spatial and socioeconomic dimensions of health policies: evidence from the Uruguayan anti-tobacco campaign


(all presentations will take place in the Goodwin virtual room at 1 p.m.)


2021 1st year presentations