YSI Workshop: The Political Economy of Growth and Distribution

The YSI/INET Keynesian Working Group — which has two of our PhD candidates as coordinators — is happy to announce the forthcoming Workshop on The Political Economy of Growth and Distribution: Bridging Interdisciplinary Perspectives, to be held at the University of Siena on the 14-15 December 2023. This event pitches into a burgeoning area of research that encompasses economists, political economists, and other social scientists. This interdisciplinary field delves into the complexities of contemporary economic challenges faced by advanced and developing economies. The Workshop brings together young scholars researching matters related to the political economy of growth and distribution models and demanding regimes to explore the political and economic relations underlying macroeconomic policy and patterns of growth and stagnation in contemporary capitalism. It is an excellent occasion for graduate students and young researchers to present their work and receive colleague feedback. This opportunity will allow young scholars to exchange ideas and discuss their research and potential collaborations.

Check out the full program here.