Second call for applications for the 39th cycle

The PhD programme in Economics of the Tuscan Universities is pleased to announce the second call for applications for the 39th cycle. They will be open until August 28, 2023, at 2 pm, Central European Time. We are currently awarding 4 positions with full-scholarship, among which:

  • 3 are ‘free topic’: PhD candidates awarded shall carry out their research activities on a topic agreed upon with their thesis supervisor
  • 1 is linked to ‘specific research themes’ on “Behavioral and socio-economic drivers of ecological restoration”

Two additional positions are available for applicants with external funding/sponsorship, among which:

  • 1 is reserved for scholarship holders of a foreign country
  • 1 is reserved for scholarship holders of specific international mobility programmes

Candidates are required to apply to each type of position in separate procedures. Those applying to ’free topic’ positions can submit a unique form. For those interested in the ‘specific research theme’, a different application is necessary. In general, we suggest that potential candidates apply to the ‘’free topic’’ first and adapt, whenever possible, her/his research proposal to the other call.

General info on the programme:

Our three-year program requires a full-time commitment and aims to train students for a career as economists in academia, private and public research institutions. The first year consists of intensive coursework, which provides PhD candidates with the knowledge and analytical skills needed to conduct the highest-level research. Courses are mainly held at the University of Siena, where students are welcome to apply for accommodation facilities. In the second and third years, they are free to choose where to develop their research project — either at the University of Florence, Pisa, or Siena — depending on personal interests and scholarship type. All students must complete a six-month visiting period in a foreign institution, which comes with a 50% increase in the scholarship.

Info on the ‘specific research theme’:

  1. Behavioral and socio-economic drivers of ecological restoration.

This project will be carried on in collaboration with Treedom S.r.l. The private partner is available to host the PhD student for the six-month internship period.

Successful applications will submit a project proposal which includes research questions related to the title of the topic.

Documents required during the online application:

  • Curriculum Vitae et Studiorum indicating qualification obtained or to be completed by 31st October 2023. Issuing institutions must be clearly stated and previous publishing experience is assessed positively.
  • Research project in English and no longer than 8 pages.
  • 2 letters of reference from professors and/or research professionals.
  • Abstract of the Master degree/specialisation/old degree thesis or equivalent foreign title translated into Italian, English or French no longer than 2 pages.
  • English language certification, if any, is assessed positively.

Eligibility of foreign degrees is ascertained by the selection committee in accordance with relevant regulations and international agreements on the recognition of qualifications for further studies. They need to be translated into Italian, English or French.

Applications will be received starting July 20, 2023, until August 28, 2023, at 2 pm (CET), exclusively through Online Secretariat. Instructions for submitting applications are available on the dedicated website section. Furthermore, the schedules indicating the positions, modalities and dates of the exams are available on the specific PhD site.

The call (Decreto Rettorale) is available here.

Shortlisted candidates will be interviewed online on September 8, 2023, at 9:30 am.

Link GMeet: