DEPS UNISI Seminars 2024

Seminars are addressed to students, researchers, professors, and external subjects interested in the displayed disciplines. They aim to promote the diffusion of ideas and the advancement of Economic research. Participation of first-year Ph.D. students in this activity at the University of Siena is mandatory. The seminars will be held in Aula Goodwin at 3 p.m.

Wednesday, April 10
Carlo Ciccarelli (University of Roma -Tor Vergata)
How the Gotthard Tunnel changed the European economy

Wednesday, April 24 – Aula Franco Romani
Wim Naudè (Aachen University)
Artificial Intelligence, Population Demographics and Economic Growth: Explosive Growth, or Growth Collapse?

Wednesday, April 30
Alfonso Herranz (University of Barcelona)
The growth contribution of colonial Indian railways in comparative perspective

Wednesday, May 22
Davide Rigo (London School of Economics)
Work-fromfrom-Home and Firms ’ Resilience: Evidence from the COVID COVID-19 Pandemic

Wednesday, June 5
Andrés Perea (Maastricht University)
Agenda Manipulation-Proofness does not require Arrowian Independence

Wednesday, June 12
Oliver Marie (Erasmus School of Economics— Rotterdam)