Samuel Bowles

Inequality, culture, institutions, public policy, economics education

Leonardo Ridolfi

Long-run growth, Wages, Technological change, Human capital

Nicola Giocoli

History of economics, Law & Economics, Antitrust law, Comparative institutional analysis

Michelangelo Vasta

Technical change, Innovation and patents, Economic growth in historical perspective, Human capital

CEPR Fellow

Gabriele Cappelli

Economic history: education; human capital; institutional change; living standards; technological progress

Chief-Editor of the Industrial History Review

Antonio Magliulo

Economic thought and political history of Europe, Business cycles and the great depression of 1929, Reception of Austrian and Keynesian economics in Italy, History of Italian economic thought

Luciano Segreto

Family business, International economic relations, Banking history

Paolo Di Martino

Financial History, Banking, Economic institutions, Bankruptcy, Entreprenurship