MSc. Economics (Federal University of Rio de Janeiro)

BA Economics (Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul)


Research interest

 Macroeconomics. Open economy Macroeconomics. Post-Keynesian Macroeconomics. Conflict Inflation.


 Peer-reviewed journals

*publications in Portuguese.

  • Inflation and wage growth: a comparison between Brazilian case in 2004-2014 and the creeping inflation of the Golden Age of Capitalism. Published at Oikos, Rio de Janeiro, Volume 18, pages 70-90, 2019.*
  • Overcoming Underdevelopment and the Path of Deliberative Democracy. (Co-author: Ronaldo Herrlein Jr.) Published at Revista Análise Econômica, Porto Alegre, Volume 35, pages 43-63, 2017.*
  • The advent of immaterial labor: crisis of the fordist regime of accumulation and post-big industry. (Co-author: Lucas Longoni) Published at Ensaios FEE, Porto Alegre, Volume 38, Number 2, 2017.*


Work in progress


  • Inflation and conflicting claims in the open economy
  • Growth and debt stability in a supermultiplier model with public expenditures and foreign trade


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