Simone D’Alessandro

Ecological Economics, Behavioural Economics, Integrated Assessment Models, System Dynamics

Ernesto Savaglio

Inequality theory, Choice theory, Aggregation theory, Convex analysis

Samuel Bowles

Inequality, culture, institutions, public policy, economics education

Alessandro Gioffré

Game theory, Social norms, Political economy, Monetary economics

Alberto Dalmazzo

Urban Economics; Central Banking

Associate Editor of Economic Notes

Laura Saban

Political Economy models, Education and Health public policies, Delegation vs centralization control rights

Pierpaolo Parrotta

Labor Economics, Industrial Organization

Salvatore Bimonte

Environmental economics; Tourism economics; Happiness

Lapo Filistrucchi

Two-sided markets, Platforms, Digital markets, Competition policy, Regulation

Roberto Veneziani

Social choice theory, normative economics, Marxian economics, decision theory

Paolo Pin

Social networks, Game theory, Experimental economics

BIDSA Fellow, Bocconi University

Leonardo Boncinelli

Evolutionary game theory, Behavioral economics, Game-based policies, Chatbot experiments, Prosociality

Director of the Centro di Ricerca per il Cambiamento Sociale (GiX)

Tiziano Razzolini

Workplace safety, Labour economics, Industrial organization, International economics

IZA Research Fellow

Maria Alessandra Rossi

Innovation, Competition Policy and Regulation, Economics of Digital Industries

Michele Gori

Social choice theory, Abstract decision problems

Nicola Meccheri

Contract theory, Industrial organization, Labour economics, Entrepreneurship

Global Labour Organization Fellow

Giovanna D’Inverno

Efficiency and Productivity Analysis, Quantitative Methods, Policy Evaluation, Economics of Education, Environmental Economics

Domenico Menicucci

Industrial Organization, Auctions, Competition, Game Theory, Mechanism Design

Vincenzo Valori

Bounded rationality, Learning, Environmental economics

Paolo Brunori

Inequality, Machine learning, Distributive justice

LSE Fellow

Leonardo Bargigli

Heterogeneity, Networks, Agent Based Models, Market microstructure

Steffen Hoernig

Competition, Regulation, Digital Markets, Industrial Organization, Game Theory

Gabriel Burdin

Labour Economics, Behavioural Economics, Employee Representation, Cooperatives, Technological Change

Nicola Doni

Auctions, Product Differentiation, Information design

Silvia Tiezzi

Habit formation, Consumption behavior, Sin taxes, Policy design for environmental sustainability

Filippo Belloc

Economics of innovation; Industrial economics; Institutional economics

Alessandro Tampieri

Environmental Corporate social responsibility, environmental policies, Happiness

CREA Fellow, University of Luxembourg

Pietro Battiston

Behavioral economics, Social Networks, Fiscal evasion, Machine learning