s.francescoThe Ph.D. in Economics of the Tuscan Universities is jointly offered by the Universities of Firenze, Pisa and Siena. The program is administratively run by the University of Siena. It aims to train students for a career as an economist in academic institutions or in research departments of corporations or public organizations. In the first year, candidates are expected to complete their course requirements. Coursework is a basilar step as provides knowledge, analytical skills and capabilities to conduct research at the economics frontier. Our program emphasizes economic history and the history of economic thought, recognizing the importance of exposing students to different theoretical perspectives.

First-year courses are mainly held at the University of Siena, where students can apply for accommodation facilities. Siena is a city historically linked to commercial and banking activities, home to the world’s oldest bank, the Monte dei Paschi. It has around 50 thousand inhabitants and receives visitors worldwide, especially in the summer during the Palio days. Second and third-year Ph.D. students can continue their research in Siena or move either to Pisa or Firenze. Pisa is the home of one of the largest Italian universities in number of students and has a population of 100 thousand inhabitants. Internationally famous for the Leaning Tower that carries its name, it is well-connected to the rest of Europe by its international airport. On the other hand, Firenze is the largest city and the capital of the Tuscany region, with close to 1 million people in its metropolitan area. Many scholars consider it the Renaissance’s birthplace, attracting millions of tourists each year and has a vivid student community.

English is the official language of the program, and we receive candidates from all over the world. They benefit from a high faculty-student ratio and interact with our post-doctoral researchers and visiting scholars, creating a dynamic and vibrant research life. Students have the opportunity to collaborate on research projects and publications, consolidating academic and personal bonds carried on after completing their degrees. At the end of each academic year, doctorate candidates, faculty and alumni participate in the celebrated Pontignano Annual Meeting. This unique event builds community and creates a friendly atmosphere for presenting work in progress. It allows a fruitful intellectual exchange between academic generations and enriches the traditional relationship with the faculty. All students receive a scholarship. It includes a research budget close to 1500 euros per year. Furthermore, Ph.D. candidates must complete a six-month visiting period in a foreign institution, which comes with a 50% increase in the scholarship. They are encouraged to attend academic conferences and present their work at events worldwide. Check out our current call for applications and where our past graduates landed their first jobs after completing their studies.