Courses and exams regulations (Faculty meeting 26.10.2015)

Admission to the second year 

PhD students’ admission to the program’s second year is conditional on approval by the Faculty Board based on academic performance during the first-year courses.


Attendance to courses and seminars reported in the course schedule is mandatory. Any absence must be justified by e-mail to the course lecturer or the seminar organizer. Unmotivated absences will be considered when deciding admission to the second year.


Students are required to take all first-year exams without a no-show option. In case of absence, the student must provide the secretariat with a medical certificate or other appropriate justification. Missed exams without reasonable motivation will be considered a failure and might be subject to further investigation by the Faculty Board.

During the first year of coursework, in case a student fails to complete:

1. Four or more exams

2. Courses corresponding to 90 or more teaching hours

Her/his non-admission to the second year will be automatically proposed to the Faculty Board.