Rules about courses and exams (Faculty meeting 26.10.2015)

Admission to the second year 

At the end of the first year, based on the results in the first year courses, the Faculty meeting decides on the admission or non-admission of PhD students to the second year.


During the first year attendance of courses and seminars reported in the course schedule is mandatory. Any absence must be justified by e-mail to the course lecturer or to the seminar organizer. In any case, any absence will be taken into account when deciding about admission to the second year.


Students are required to take all the exams scheduled for the first year. There are no resits. In case of absence the student must hand-in to the secretariat a medical certificate or other appropriate justification. Any missed exam, for which an appropriate justification has been provided, will be considered as a failed exam.

In case a student fails more than 4 exams during the first year or a number of exams corresponding to 90 or more teaching hours or in case a student does not submit adequate justification for one or more missed exams, his/her non-admission to the second year will be automatically proposed to the Faculty meeting.