Teacher Topic date
Paolo Brunori (FI) Introduction to machine learning using R 27/09/2023 at UNISI and 10/10/2023 at UNIFI
Valerio Cerretano (FI) Central banks, unconventional monetary policies and economic development, 1914-2022 8/11/2023 at UNIFI
Lorenzo Corsini (PI) Methods and applications in empirical labour economics 12/10/2023 at UNIPI
Giuliano Curatola (SI) Research topics in macro-finance 26/10/2023 at UNISI
Tiziano Distefano (FI) Theory for Action: Integrated Assessment Models to address climate change and social inequality 9/06/2023 at UNIFI
Davide Fiaschi and Angela Parenti (PI) Spatial growth: models and estimation 26/09/2023 at UNIPI
Antonio Magliulo (FI) The influence of neoliberalism on the making of Europe 20/06/2023 at UNIFI
Paolo Pin (SI)  Social networks 20 and 21/09/2023 at UNISI
Paolo Pin (SI) Academic Publishing 16 and 23/11/2023 at UNISI